About Me

I operate a small lavender herb farm here in northern Vermont and my main focus is the lavender herb both for culinary and aromatherapy uses.

I grew up growing many different herbs and now develop and sell products produced from my own herb farm. I sell a variety of lavender products such as lavender sugar, lemon lavender jelly, lavender green tea for food items. I also make and sachets, soap, bath salts, lotions and soon lip balms all containing the herb lavender. I work hard to ensure quality lavender products that are sure to please your taste buds and scent of lavender.

I grow many other herbs including cilantro, coriander, dill, hot peppers, lavender, parsley, roses, rosemary, thyme and many medicinal herbs like astragalus, ashwagandha, black cohosh, chamomile, Echinacea, stevia, sweet cicely and wild ginger. The fruits I grow are four varieties of currants, black and red raspberries, Aronia berries, blueberries, cranberries, sea buckthorn berries, elderberries, loganberries, jostaberries, blackberries and gooseberries. There are more herbs and fruits I grow along with vegetables for my family and farmers’ markets here in Vermont.

All my herbs and fruits are grown organically meaning you won't find any chemicals or pesticides used on my herb farm. My chickens are the pest controllers and they do a wonderful job.  I use only the freshest herbs and carefully dried herbs to retain their aromatic flavors and essential oils in my lavender and herb products.

My food products are gluten free and contain no artificial colors or harmful preservatives.  I use cotton, linen, organza and other organic fabrics in my sachets. My soaps are made with organic herbs, natural oils, natural colors and essential oils unless specified otherwise on the product.

I am committed to providing fresh and locally grown herbs and fruits by producing a quality product with good customer service. So, feel free to leave a review and let other know what you think of my herbal products.

I have an herb garden website where I provide lots of information on how to grow different herb plants, design your own herb gardens and herb uses at http://www.herbgardenlady.com. and don't forget to like me on Facebook!